Toolbox for Examiners.

Targeted Examiner Tools

USPA Library
Resource for learning at all levels for members. Users can preview course material and take course (and license) tests online. For login access, contact USPA Headquarters' Director of Safety & Training.

Analysis & Debrief 
For observation and debrief: break down each manuever into its phases for Skill Evaluation. Or use this alternate version. Or use this for static line / IAD version. Ideal for helping your candidates evaluate videos in practice!

Evaluation Scratch Sheet
Use this when conducting ground evals to keep thoughts organized before completing USPA's form from the IRM

Ground Evaluation Rubric
An alternative to the Ground Evaluation form in the IRM that is a simplier and more objective rubric.

PreCourse Checklist
Sample to-do list when setting up a course

PostCourse Checklist
Items required to retain and send to USPA

Characteristics of a Facilitator
Using the book People Smart to summarize common and necessary qualities of a good facilitator. Or use this Descriptive List to find your strengths and weaknesses!

Conflict Resolution
Ideas on how to resolve conflict in your courses by narrowing it down to an issue conflict using three key steps.

For the Coach Examiner

Coach Course Candidate Manual
An easy to use manual for your coach candidates to study ahead and supplement their IRM readings as well as an outline during the course.

Coach Course Examiner Added Pages
The Examiner manual supplement for the Coach Course Candidate Manual, filled with lesson plan ideas and guidance.

Review of Fundamental Instructor/Examiner Tools

LPS Cognitive Skills 
Blank Classroom lesson plan starter for THINK-ing topics

LPS Motor Skills 
Blank Motor Skills lesson plan starter for DO-ing topics

Three Rings Lesson Plan
Hands down the World's Easiest Lesson Plan Starter. The simplest, most efficient lesson plan ever in blank form.

The effective, efficient debrief for any occassion!

Pike's Experience Application
A summary about Adult Learning with ideas on how to make your courses more interactive.

Top Ten Ways To Change Pace
Brainstormed list of how to instantly make your cognitive presentations more interactive

Barriers to Learning
Something to consider for Adult Learners