Toolbox for Coaches.

Fundamental Tools

Packing Instructions
Skydive Kansas' playlist on YouTube featuring "how to pack" for beginners [generic]. Make your instruction consistent for your students!

Ground School Review
List of questions coaches can ask first-time solo skydivers after they review 

The ISP Explained 
An overview of USPA's Integrated Student Program in an easy-to-remember mnemonic table.

ISP Cheatsheet 
Detailed dive plans of USPA's Integrated Student Program with guidance for advancement criteria and crucial teaching points.

Basic Body Flight Essentials 
From the Skydive University manual.

7 Biomechanical Principles 
Applying physics to flying your body. Useful for consistency and quality of details in briefing.

Newtons Laws of Motion 
Using physical principles for understanding movement.

Analysis & Debrief 
For observation and debrief: break down each manuever into its phases for Skill Evaluation. Or use this alternate version.

The effective, efficient debrief for any occassion!

Lesson Plan Starters

LPS Cognitive Skills 
Blank Classroom lesson plan starter for THINK-ing topics

LPS Motor Skills 
Blank Motor Skills lesson plan starter for DO-ing topics

Three Rings Lesson Plan
Hands down the World's Easiest Lesson Plan Starter. The simplest, most efficient lesson plan ever in blank form.

ISP Category Dive Flows

ReCurrency Guidelines 

ReCurrency Checklist
Jumper History for ReCurrency
Personal Limits